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Got questions? We probably answered it already!
Why Freegram?
Most services tends to sell "real users" even though it is impossible at the moment with some social networks They end up with providing you, in the best case scenario, random hieroglyph name bots that will get removed by social network as were not even created properly. We provide you with exactly what we claim on our website for each service!
Instagram Services
Instagram Boosting Frequently Asked Questions.
Group Members
Group members may be added only manually and with strict limitations 30-50 per day. And do expect tons of questions from people lie "how the hell, I ended up in this group" or "Who added me here without my consent". It does require lots of manpower and only admins can do it.

If anyone on the internet tells you that they can add you hundreds of thousands active users to your group, and especially based on interests (crypto/ICO/bitcoin related) or by different country or location (Wester Europe, Latin America, SE Asia)- do not trust them, it is simply impossible due to Telegram daily limits and restrictions!

It is only possible to INVITE not ADD real active users to your group. For more information on inviting services, please refer to our Crypto / BTC inviting package.
When is the time to use your service for my ICO group?
It is always a good time to boost your group up, however we recommend to either when you just created a group, or during active bounty program/airdrop announcement. But dozens of our customers have ordered our Telegram services between those 2 events and were extremely satisfied!
Will numbers drop over the time for my Telegram Channel?
Usually we see a 5-7% drop over the first week and after than numbers are stable for telegram channels. We always try to over-deliver to make sure you get the numbers you have ordered! If anything - message us back in a week or two and we will add more members!
YouTube Services
YouTube Boosting Frequently Asked Questions.
How does YouTube services work?
Our YouTube views, likes, comments, subscriptions service helps strengthen your YouTube video's credibility, popularity and encourages discussion on your video. Every view that you receive from our service is from a real person. Our services are completely compliant with YouTube's Terms and Conditions.
Is it safe to subscribers / views?
We have delivered thousands of subscribers, comments, likes & views and we have never had a customer with a bad experience. We do offer 100% money guarantee in case something is not fully satisfies you!
Can I combine your services with others?
We strongly recommend not to combine sources simultaneously however It depends on what you combine, if the services are different for instance likes from one source, subscribers from another source, than we do not prohibit it, however if you are obtaining same service from different sources you may face problems such as drops due to the suspicious activity and additionally we would not be able to tack the correct amount of how many like, views or subscribers we have provided.
Twitter Services
Twitter Boosting Frequently Asked Questions.
ICO Marketing Services
ICO Marketing Frequently Asked Questions.
Why would I need the marketing plan kit / bundle?
With our marketing plan bundles, you can prepare for the ICO, save time by not repeating all of our research, form a budget. The most useful in the package is the list of marketing channels (prices and contacts). We worked with these channels, we know which ones work best for ICO's.
What should I do with this kit after purchase?
You can follow the plan steps and execute the whole marketing campaign for your ICO project yourself or hire a marketer who will be able to perform all marketing activities basing on our plan and resuorces.
Why should I trust you?
We are a team of marketers, analysts and ICO investors. Based on our experience in organizing the marketing for a number of ICO projects, we have came up with a strategy that leads to reaching goals for ICO projects. We share this, as we are unable to take care in full of all the projects that reach our to us for help in marketing.
What do I get in the kit?
If you decide to purchase the full kit, you will get a set of documents that include:

- Advertising strategy
- PR strategy
- Recommendations for ICO projects
- ICO listing & funds evaluation criteria checklists
- LinkedIn Account Recommendations
- List of over 350 advertising channels and other resources
- ICO marketing plans for different budgets for a 3 month period

In addition to the documents, we will send you a free update of the list of advertising channels and the marketing plan. We provide updates every 2-3 month. The exact date of the next update can be obtained from our representatives in chat or via email.
Why does it cost that much?
Our pricing is more than fair. This maybe easily checked with marketing agencies. Simply check with any marketing agency, especially experienced in the ICO marketing field, how much something like this would cost you.

The pricing starts at roughly $8-10k or 1BTC. The services itself vary between 20-40 btc + 3-5% success fee. We also see how other marketing agencies simply resell the ICO marketing plans / strategies to new clients.

This is why we came up with this service. Why should you pay extra if this is what is being offered to you as "Development of the ICO marketing strategy and plan" by agencies, no matter that they came up with this just once and in base case scenario just adapt it so that it looks like something that was developed specifically for your project.
What languages do you offer?
Currently we have Community Managers that are fluent in: English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian. Other languages can be accommodated upon request.

We offer professional Bounty Program Management through which, active community members will create content in all the languages that you require, the most popular ones are Japanese, Chinese and Korean using our manuals for the consistency with the answers in all public chats and group. Please contact us for more details.
What are your rates??
Our base price starts at $15/hr (in crypto or fiat) and it includes moderation and answering questions on your main social media channels. We offer a combination of services, that you can mix and match based on your needs, coverage you require, and our involvement in your project, thus prices for these packages vary.
What is your coverage? How many hours do you offer?
We work together with you, in order to evaluate your "pain points" and prepare a plan, based on your business needs, time restrictions and budget.

We also offer targeted coverage during the hours that you need. For example, your community is most active in the morning and in the evening - we will make sure those exact time frames are covered by us and you don't pay us extra when it's not necessary.